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I'm trying out livestreaming, so if anyone's interested, I'll be doing some pixel art, some comics, and some random other stuff for a while.…
I've finally launched a dedicated website for my Terisyl stuff,

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell your mild acquaintances. Seriously, tell everyone you know to go read it, and tell them to tell everyone they know.

Currently the Great Fireflood is all that's there, updating every Tuesday and Thursday; but I'm working on a bunch of extra information about the world. Most of the stuff will be cross posted here as well.

In other news I'm making some serious progress on a couple of my favorite side projects; 2 fanart battle comics (Megaman vs Yellow Devil and Shovel Knight vs The Black Knight), and they are awesome.
I'm going to be slowing down the Fireflood (…) updates to every other Thursday for a while, 4 pages a week is just a little too much for me right now. I just have way too many things I'm working on, including a dedicated site for Terisyl, and a couple really awesome fanart fight scene (…) comics.
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I just uploaded the first pages of my new comic series (The Great Fireflood) to my gallery…, and have been drawing a bunch of other stuff as well, so I hope to have a pretty regular update schedule for a while (including new fireflood pages every week).

So we'll see how that goes.
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I've been less active than Endling on here. Though I am working on a bunch of stuff to upload soonish. I hope.
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I've been working on… since Megaman 10 came out, and I hope that I never have to do this much coloring at once ever again! Now I just have a bunch of other near-finished artwork that I postponed in favor of the Robot Masters project to do (and several nowhere-near-finished ones as well).

I've got so many things that I'm working on; a comic/manga series, multiple large animations (which as any animator knows is probably more work for less output than any other task in the history of mankind, though I still love it when I have the patience for it), writing books, designing games, and schoolwork (which has, of course, taken top procrastination priority), that I have a hard time staying on any one for very long. Yeah, I need to work on that.

I'm also thinking of writing a webcomic, I figure I procrastinate so much already I might as well go all the way with it :)
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I finally uploaded some of the things I've drawn since I last was on here. I'll try to put some pic up often, but I'm quite busy (school sucks), and will soon be busier. I've got some people together and am actually working on making some ACTUAL GAMES!!!

It makes me happy.
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I'm currently working on my AATR entry which takes up most of my time, and have lost my other computer (hopefully only temporarily) unfortunately it's the only computer that the scanner really works on, thus yesterday's deviation is not yet scanned. I'll get things fixed as soon as possible.

(This time I really am frustrated, even though the mood thing works again.)
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So my new pen tablet arrived, and while it only works on one of our computers (the computer in my room sucks) it's awesome and way better than my old one.

PS. I'm not really frustrated, it just thinks so because the mood thing won't change.
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Last night I was coloring the update for yesterday and working on the one for today, when my tablet died on me, I'm gonna see what I can do to get it working or replaced as soon as possible, but stuff may be delayed a couple days. In the mean time I'll finish up the audition for an OC tournament I'm entering (minus the coloring on the reference sheets) and have that up by the end of the week.

Edit: Tried some things and it is definitely broken, so I ordered a new one, set to arrive in 5-9 days, so during that time there will be fewer/different deviations.
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Since I hadn't uploaded my things from Wednesday on yet due to computer problems and laziness, I have now done so.

Also E3 was pretty freakin epic this year (Ninty wins hands down, Sony came in second solely because of FFXIV being announced, and M$ is third although still with a good lineup)
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Since I have run out of theme days for my deviations, Sunday has now become "Miscellaneous art day", I'm just gonna draw something until I get something interesting or else I'll upload some of my older stuff (like today).
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It is now Saturday, and therefore it's Digital painting day, I'm not particularly good at working in color and am not much of a painter (I see things in terms of outlines not shapes) but it's something I feel I should work on, so every week I submit at least one digital painting. Hope you all like them (or hope you like all them, either way works).
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As it is now Friday, and since I have declared Friday to be animation day, I have uploaded an animation. I've been working on this one over the week so it's longer and more complicated than most I'll probably be doing.
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It's Wednesday today, and Wednesday is now my monster design day. Every week I'll be uploading six original monster designs with a certain theme (not all are technically monsters, but most are designed for the purpose of video game enemies, so I'm calling them monsters).

This week's theme was "Unique Locomotion", the creatures all have unique methods of movement.
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Today is Tuesday, and Tuesday is now Character design day. Every Tuesday (until I run out of characters) I will be uploading some sort of character design deviation (usually a big detailed picture or a reference sheet). Not much more to say about it. Tomorrow is going to be Monster design day.
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Starting today, I'm going to try to upload at least one deviation a day. Every Monday (until I run out of ideas, but that should be a while) I'll be doing a new picture in my "Death as..." series (…) so check back every week if you're interested.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) will probably be character design day.
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